“Exploring all your income options during your retirement is crucial now before you’ve reached it”

file000534640993 small Supplemental Life Insurance for Retirement Planning, otherwise known as SLIRP, is a strategy that uses a life insurance policy to generate a tax-free income during retirement. Like a Roth IRA your contributions grow tax-deferred and can be accessed tax-free during your retirement. The funding vehicle for the SLIRP strategy can be any permanent, cash value policy that is max funded. (Up to the MEC Guidelines) This type of policy provides several distinct advantages over a Roth IRA such as no limits on how much you can contribute; no early withdrawal penalties; and income tax-free death benefits to your beneficiary.

Two Great Reasons to Consider SLIRP

  1. Do you really have enough money available for retirement?

  2. Generate a tax-free income during retirement