Insurance Provides

“Peace of Mind”

We are a full service, independently owned licensed insurance agency. We have partnered with over thirty different insurance companies to provide the best coverage for individuals, families, and businesses.

Life Insurance

Purchasing life insurance is one of the most important decisions an individual can make to secure the future of their family or business. Choosing the appropriate plan that provides the necessary protection can be extremely difficult and the amount of coverage needed is often misunderstood. Let the staff at New South Financial guide you through the process and present the variety of life insurance options available that will best suit your needs. – more

Employee Benefits

Whether your company is a small, family-owned business or a large, multi-division corporation, New South Financial is available to assist in the development of your employee benefit plans. We offer a wide variety of options for your staff that include group health, group life, group disability, HRA defined contribution employer health benefits, group dental, and vision. – more

Health Insurance

With the complexities presented in today’s health insurance marketplace, individuals are now looking for expertise and direction to be properly informed on the available options. New South Financial can provide the appropriate strategy that is affordable while meeting your insurance needs. Our technology will assist you in selecting the best fit for you and your family. We also offer Medicare plans from multiple national insurance carriers to provide coverage for eligible individuals. – more


While most individuals obtain insurance for their homes or automobiles, they are leaving their most important asset unprotected…THE ABILITY TO PRODUCE THEIR INCOME! The reality is we are all vulnerable to becoming disabled and unable to work at any given point during our lifetime. The ability to produce income is the foundation of our lives which allows us to provide the necessities of daily living. Whether you are looking for individual income, business protection, or providing coverage for your employees, New South Financial has plans available that provide peace of mind should the unexpected occur.


Annuities are an excellent tool to help plan for your future financial security. Today’s annuities offer a variety of benefits including tax-deferred growth, guaranteed returns, lifetime income, and when structured properly, the ability to avoid probate. With continued uncertainty in the global economic environment, annuities provide a powerful method to protect your hard-earned savings and an important way to diversify our retirement portfolio. – more

Long-Term Care

Proper long-term care insurance planning and strategies are paramount to a well defined business exit strategy along with your individual retirement needs. Long-term care plans are probably the least understood of all insurance products but offer some of the most crucial protection for yourself and family. With the constantly increasing expense of professional care, individuals need to consider having a long-term care plan in place before it becomes too late. – more