“Competing with Fortune 500 Businesses can be difficult when retaining employees. Learn how you can create programs that will help attract and keep key personnel.”



A non-qualified deferred compensation plan or agreement simply defers the payment of a portion of the employee’s compensation to a future date. The amounts are held back (deferred) while the employee is working for the company, and are paid out to the employee when he or she separates from service, becomes disabled, dies, etc. As will be discussed later, one of the keys in designing a non-qualified deferred compensation plan is making sure that the employee will not be required to pay income tax on those deferred amounts until the amounts are actually paid to the employee.




Three Great Reasons to Consider a Non Qualified Deferred Compensation Program

  1. Want to Recruit, Retain, and Retire key personnel?

  2. Want to Reward Employees without giving them direct equity interests?

  3. Want to compete with a publicly held company?